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How to access E-learning platform?

Please follow the steps below to attend a virtual classroom via WebEx platform

First Step:

Download & install WebEx software & app using this link

Second Step:

Check the email sent to you by Technology Experts and press on “Join meeting”.


Note: you will not be able to access the virtual room till Host/trainer is inside the room.

Third Step:

In case you have not installed WebEx software/App, you can still access the virtual room by clicking on “Join from your browser”.


Fourth Step:

If below window pop up, please fill up information such as full name, email address, and national/iqama number, and then press on “Next”


Note: please make sure all information are correct and match the same in registration form.

Fifth Step:

Please make sure that the software has access to your mic and camera by clicking on "Allow" then click on “Join meeting”.


Note: You won’t be able to hear the voice of instructor unless you give the software the permission to use your mic.

Final step:

You are now in the virtual room 

You can leave the room by clicking on “X” at the bottom down. 

You can ask/chat by clicking on the chat icon at the down left corner. 

Make sure to unmute your mic if you want to speak with the trainer.


Note: if you cannot hear the trainer's voice, please make sure to click on “Join Audio”.


* For Windows and Mac

* For Android and IOS

In case you have any problem accessing the webinar, please contact us at or call us (WhatsApp) 0112481747.

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